Ferro da Casa Pedro Passanha
Pedro Passanha com um poldro da casa

What does Pedro Passanha love about the Lusitano horse?
Their temperament, – they are extremely docile, devoted and easy to teach –, and their versatility, – the lusitano horse is capable of anything. He was excellent at war in the past, he is still fantastic as a bullfighter, but he is equally excellent in dressage, or jumping or as a companion for long walks. Ask him and he will do anything to please you.

Why should someone prefer a lusitano horse?
There is a very simple and basic reason for someone to prefer a lusitano rather than the big eye-catching warm-blood. Their temperament. While the warm blood is a horse with a strong character and difficult to teach, that has to work hard and every day to be under control, the lusitano can be ridden by the amateur rider who doesn't have time to ride every day. Even if you ride it only at week-ends it will be still all right, and this is something that makes these horses unique. On the other hand, the lusitano has all the skills requested to work with professionals and reach the highest standard on any equestrian modalities.

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